Thursday, September 6, 2007

Diet Blog Blah

The world conspires against losing weight.. I have kept with my modest change of removing Coke from my diet and only drinking Diet Coke.. which probably has reduced my caloric intake a little.. but I still have not made time for exercise which is the important step. Now that I am working 80hr weeks it is really going to be tough. Oh well. It is way too hard to get enough hours in the day.. even for an insomniac. peace.

Monday, September 3, 2007

STFU Spidey

Here is a question for you all on Net Etiquette. I copied one of the pictures from Spidey's post and linked back to his site saying "Enjoy the list from.." and posted his site name and URL.

So today I get a comment on the post:

Spidey said...

Looks like you ripped the photo from my blog...Enjoy, but try to give props.

Also on his blog I get the following comment..

Spidey said...

Stop ripping off the photos from my blog and then posting them on yours. Talk about a pack mentality! At least say thank you. It takes time to find all those pictures and rip them off of other people's blogs and websites.

So I respond in my natural gentile way:

Fuck off spidey I gave a full fucking URL link to you and sent people to your blog. What the fuck else do you want????!?!?!?! A fucking medal for stealing someone else's picture and posting it??? I gave you full props by linking to your site.. jesus..fuck it I will just delete the post and tell any readers to never go to your site.

Am I right or did I break some unwritten net etiquette rule? I really think if someone is trying to send traffic your way you should appreciate it not act like a fucking retard. Anyhow.. I really could care less but this guy seems like a fucking donkey. I bet he is 900 pounds and is self conscience about everything hence the stupid ass response. Well fuck you again Spidey you cock rag.