Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NSFW Fatties

I have been neglecting the blog. I did get a scale.. but it has to be wrong.. Not for the reasons you think.. because there is no way I am that skinny. It said 173 pounds. Sorry. No. I have to be topping 200. Oh well.

Anyway here is some exciting fat pictures from Lose Weight Now. Enjoy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lazy Fat Blog Gets No Love

Not a lot of posting going on here yet.. but I will gear it up sometime.. like I will exercise sometime.. yeah.. anyway.. a sweet lady named Elaine Vigneault posted a link to an interesting article about a guy who tried Veganism for one month.

Now I am pretty sure this diet would be tough for me. I am horrible about looking things up and really checking out what I eat. I mean it taste good I eat it. Nuff said. However it was interesting reading about his experience. I may give it a try sometime... like around when I start exercising.. yeah..

Friday, August 3, 2007

Broke the Ban

I broke the ban on coke my loyal readers.. do not worry, I am back on the bandwagon.. you see I just could not resist. I came home and sitting at the table was food. Now this is amazing in itself as I can count the times on one hand my wife has had dinner waiting for me. My children helped setup the meal. We all sat down for some pasta with turkey sauce. My kids worked really hard on the meal and my son turns to me and says "Look dad I made you a coke and it is cold".. and I looked.. and saw that little heart shaped ice cubes of love were in that coke. He was smiling so wide and happy and I just had to drink that coke. I swear that is the last one though.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fatty Blogs Are Lazy Blogs?

I swear I do not post on this blog as much as I should.. is that because I am fat? Are fat people naturally lazy? Is this a myth? Anyway.. the diet coke think continues on been doing good with that.. of course I am too fat and lazy to go out and buy a scale and figure out if it is doing anything.. jesus.. I really need to get that scale because this blog will be no fun without it.

Also apparently just being associated with a fat blog makes you lazy about posting as neither of my co-posters have written anything. I am too lazy to yell at them.

I did have a good thought today.. since I am lazy I like to sleep on the train on the way to work.. when me move buildings that will probably mean I miss my stop.. which would give me a good excuse to walk from South Station to Downtown.. hmmm.. possibilities..

Until then I my exercise consists of.. Standing on the train for 40 minutes.. um, I could not find how many calories that burns.. stupid free web counters..