Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fatty Blogs Are Lazy Blogs?

I swear I do not post on this blog as much as I should.. is that because I am fat? Are fat people naturally lazy? Is this a myth? Anyway.. the diet coke think continues on been doing good with that.. of course I am too fat and lazy to go out and buy a scale and figure out if it is doing anything.. jesus.. I really need to get that scale because this blog will be no fun without it.

Also apparently just being associated with a fat blog makes you lazy about posting as neither of my co-posters have written anything. I am too lazy to yell at them.

I did have a good thought today.. since I am lazy I like to sleep on the train on the way to work.. when me move buildings that will probably mean I miss my stop.. which would give me a good excuse to walk from South Station to Downtown.. hmmm.. possibilities..

Until then I my exercise consists of.. Standing on the train for 40 minutes.. um, I could not find how many calories that burns.. stupid free web counters..

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iamhoff said...

Waffles! Welcome to the horrible mid-30s fat club! After a year of donking around at losing weight I'm finally making some efforts. Check out my other blog at:

GL buddy, it ain't easy. And when is Kat gonna post?