Thursday, September 6, 2007

Diet Blog Blah

The world conspires against losing weight.. I have kept with my modest change of removing Coke from my diet and only drinking Diet Coke.. which probably has reduced my caloric intake a little.. but I still have not made time for exercise which is the important step. Now that I am working 80hr weeks it is really going to be tough. Oh well. It is way too hard to get enough hours in the day.. even for an insomniac. peace.


Falstaff said...

OK, but think about it this way -

1 Can of Coke = 140 calories

1 can of Diet Coke = 0 calories

Most folks I know who drink soda go through at least 4 each day, so by switching from Coke to Diet Coke, you should, over the course of a year, lose nearly 50 lbs, just by reducing the number of liquid calories you take in each day.

So that's a little something, anyway.

Buy an exercise bike. Then you can get some exercise whenever you have a spare 15 minutes.

"The Captain" said...

Coke zero taste just like the real thing.

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