Monday, July 30, 2007

A good starting point

So I have been doing my research while sitting on my ass waiting for motivation to come by and pick me up and make me exercise.. umm, ya, right.. like that is going to happen.. and yet in some ways it has.. but before we get to that.. here are some good quotes I found on the internet about starting to diet.

Fitness is a lifestyle. It is a conscious step we make each day to take care of ourselves. I like to think that keeping fit is an investment for my future. The minutes and hours spent each day exercising could mean added years of vitality and energy in my later years. I definitely want to be able to keep up with my grand kids one day. So put on your shoes, let's run!"

Saying "I want to lose weight" is never enough. Saying "I aim to lose 1lb per week through watching what I eat and working out 3 times a week of 30 minutess cardiovascular training, 20 minutes of weight training and 10 minutes of stretching per session" is more the real deal. The difference should be obvious.
-- Xfile

Anyway.. I was sitting around actually working (how many calories does thinking burn an hour?).. and my boy Trauma comes online and we start talking about diet. Now I thought Trauma was really skinny based on his Yahoo! messenger icon. However he cleared that up by telling me that was Jesus from the Big Lebowski.. shit he was bowling so I thought it was Trauma. Anyway.. he has some experience losing weight and convinced me to start with the sugar intake. So instead of drinking 3-4 cokes a day I will switch to diet for 2 weeks. I will see how much I can lose just by that small change and possibly give myself some motivation to kick in some exercise.

I am going to put a fat-o-meter on the sidebar so you can all follow along too.. I have been reading about Axeman trying to lose weight.. now if I could only get him to take me to Vegas if I lose 30 pounds I would be all set..


TraumaPoker said...

You thought I would wear a purple velvet jump suit when I bowl and that I had looked like John Turturro? I mean come on SIRF have you ever seen the Big Lebowski? If the answer is no you need to make it yes by the end of August.

Falstaff said...

I say if you, me, Mrs. Falstaff and Gracie all lose 30 lbs apiece by 12/6/07, we get together one night in Vegas and eat until our fucking eyes pop out!

I've started setting small goals for myself, the next is 230 lbs by my birthday (2 weeks). If I make it, I'll allow myself to get my next tattoo.

Oh, and some folks are now saying that to actually lose weight, closer to 60 minutes every day of exercise is needed. I'm seeing good results from 30 minutes 6 days a week, though.

theAxeman said...

Glad to see you'll be following along. Just be warned that you will, no doubt, be hearing much more from the instigator in this, B-Rad.

He's a bit more verbose than me.

Plus, he needs the poker lessons more.

B-Rad said...

It's tougher for me than Axe, because he can always get by on his rock star looks. That's why I have to lose more weight than he does.

Irongirl01 said...

i did weight watchers in 2001 I was also training for my first marathon. Believe it or not my high weight was 185 on my 5 ft 5 inch body...

I need to lose about ten pounds too.. Lets do it and then head to foxwoods.

Mattazuma said...

A can of Coke has 150 calories in it. I switched to diet Coke & dropped 5 pounds in a month without any exercise.

Yeah, it doesn't taste great, but it's a good way to get that caffeine. The Diet Coke with Splenda tastes better than the regular Diet Coke to me.

iamhoff said...

The other key I've found is to mix some activity into the middle of the day. Take the stairs at work (if you've got them, natch), find a driving range nearby and hit it at lunch a couple of times a week. I'm down almost 10 pounds from July 2. GL man.

Southern Fried Fatty said...

Don't fuck with the Jesus.

You must see The Big Lebowski